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Article: Fall Ready Surf Style With Purakai

Fall Ready Surf Style With Purakai - PURAKAI

Fall Ready Surf Style With Purakai

With Labor Day come and gone, that means so is the end of summer. However, that won't stop us from hittin' the waves in sunny San Diego and it shouldn't stop you either! Tempa tures will be dropping a little, and the best was to counter that is by mixing some fall style with your Purakai Clothing.

purakai fall style11

The biggest trends for this fall season are fannelsand overalls! The best way to wear these trends are with the Purakai leggings, the Purakai Split Teeand our Hemp Dress! 

Tips to wearing flannels and overalls:

  1. choose a color that compliments your Purakai clothing, like blues or grays.
  2. choose a larger, comfortable fit to blend with the loose fitting style of your Purakai clothing.
  3. opt for short, stylized overalls and wear them with one strap for a funky and beach-style look
Now that you're ready for fall with these tips and tricks, you can snag your Purakai women's clothing here!
Scroll down for more fall style inspiration from the B Rose Team wearing Purakai Clothing!!!
purakai fall style2
purakai fall style9
purakai fall style6
purakai fall style5

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