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Your Search for Conscious Comfort Ends Here.

Be Comfortable. Be Conscious.

PuraKai crafts luxuriously soft, breathable clothing from the finest organic cotton. Embrace effortless style and ethical choices—all sustainably made.

The world is waking up to the impacts of synthetic fibers. Not only do they pollute our precious oceans, but new science suggests they may carry risks to our own health. Choose PuraKai as an alternative that honors both your comfort and our environment. Our natural fabrics significantly reduce the release of harmful microfibers.

Join the PuraKai community where responsible fashion meets timeless style. Build a wardrobe that reflects a commitment to wellness – for yourself and the planet.

Women's Men's Beanies

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Sustainable Fabrics

Founded by a Father and Daughter


Father and daughter surfers start on the quest to make "Ocean Friendly " clothing in California by using only 100% natural fabrics like organic cotton, hemp and merino wool.

They work with California's sole organic cotton farmer to develop a supply chain of clothing made in California from organic cotton grown in California.

Made in the USA Clothing from California Grown Organic Cotton.


We were told by all the experts you couldn't make clothing in California from Organic Cotton in California, but we did what we were told wasn't possible, and completed the project.

Our next chapter


Our family has grown! Megan is now the mother of three handsome little boys, and her little brothers have become teens. As a family we remain comitted to manufacturing the most Amazingly Comfortable clothing made from ocean friendly natural fabrics and using mininally synthetic fabric for our activewear.

And stay tuned! In the Fall of 2024 we're releasing our Made in USA from 100% Texas Organic Cotton clothing collection, the shortest possible supply chain to make clothing in the USA.