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What is PuraKai’s mission?

PuraKai aims to create eco-friendly, sustainable clothing that is both stylish and comfortable, using only natural fabrics that begin and end in the soil, avoiding the shedding of microplastics. We also actively support environmental initiatives and ocean conservation.

Where are PuraKai products made?

PuraKai products are proudly made in California, supporting local production and ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.

What materials does PuraKai use in their clothing?

We primarily use organic cotton, hemp, merino wool, and lyocell. We started with cotton grown in California and have since expanded to using GOTS organic cotton from India and other natural fibers. And we're piloting a new domestic organic cotton source from Texas, which may be ready in 2024. 

Why has PuraKai decided to use only natural fibers?

To mitigate the environmental impact of microfiber shedding, PuraKai has committed to using only natural fibers that are biodegradable and integrate back into the soil at the end of their lifecycle.

What is PuraKai doing to support environmental conservation?

As a 1% For the Planet member, PuraKai donates to non-profits working to protect and heal the world's oceans. In 2023, we are supporting initiatives focused on reducing and removing plastic from our waterways.

Do you offer free returns and exchanges?

Yes, PuraKai offers free returns and exchanges to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

How does PuraKai source its materials responsibly?

We collaborate with farmers and suppliers who adhere to sustainable and responsible practices, ensuring the materials used are eco-friendly and ethically sourced.

Does PuraKai offer international shipping?

We currently do not offer international shipping. 

How do I care for my PuraKai clothing to maintain its quality and longevity?

We recommend following the care instructions provided on the label of each garment to ensure the longevity and maintain the quality of your PuraKai clothing.

How can I contact PuraKai’s customer service for additional assistance?

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is here to assist you. You can contact us via email at for any queries or support.

Is it safe to order from PuraKai’s online store?

Absolutely. We take your security seriously and employ industry-standard SSL encryption to protect your personal and payment information during transactions.