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The Ocean is Our Playground - It's Our Responsibilty to Protect it

PuraKai is an eco-friendly clothing and high performance surf craft manufacturer owned and operated by eco-minded surfers. The Ocean is Our Playground so we feel as "makers" it's our responsibility to protect it.

PuraKai clothing, surfboards and stand up paddle boards are made locally using organic, recycled and bio-based materials. Our goal is to create products in way that balances the need for consumption with the negative effects on the natural world and oceans. 

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Meet the Father and Daughter Founders

Megan Huelsenbeck

Megan has a deep love for the ocean, she caught her first wave at the age of four and has spent most of her life in, on and under the ocean, but her true love is creating stylish clothing.

Team PuraKai

Noel Huelsenbeck

Noel is a lifelong surfer, spearfisherman and freediver that has taught his children to love and respect the ocean. He has a 20-year track record creating and operating successful businesses.