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Our Story

The Surfer, the Farmer, and the Fashionista 

PuraKai was born from a shared passion for the ocean, mindful style, and protecting our planet. Our unique beginning—a collaboration between a surfer father, fashionista daughter, and a California farmer—sparked a vision to craft ethically sourced clothing inspired by the Californian lifestyle.

Our journey towards sustainability took a pivotal turn as awareness grew about the hidden impact of synthetic fabrics. Beyond harming our oceans, research suggests these fibers may also pose potential health concerns. Driven by this knowledge, PuraKai made a firm commitment to prioritize natural fibers, actively working to minimize microfiber pollution from the clothes we create.

While achieving 100% plastic-free clothing presents challenges in today's world, we are driven by an unwavering determination to find solutions. PuraKai constantly explores innovative and environmentally responsible options, seeking better alternatives whenever possible. It's a journey in progress, with a clear goal for complete sustainability.

PuraKai extends beyond simply creating garments. As a 1% For the Planet member, we are fueled by a deep commitment to protecting our oceans, supporting non-profits tirelessly working to eliminate plastic pollution. From ocean clean-ups to sustainable seafood, our founders passionately invest in building a more beautiful and healthy future.

Let's work together to craft a wardrobe that honors both your values and the planet we share. 

The Founders

Noel Huelsenbeck From his youth immersed in the ocean, surfing, fishing, and spearfishing, Noel developed a lifelong commitment to ocean health. This fuels his vision for PuraKai, where responsibly made clothing helps protect this precious resource.


Megan Huelsenbeck - Sharing her father's ocean passion, Megan brings her flair for design to PuraKai, creating stylish clothes with a conscience. As a mother, she's committed to leaving a healthier planet for future generations.