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Article: 5 Ways to Live an Ocean Inspired Life

5 Ways to Live an Ocean Inspired Life - PURAKAI

5 Ways to Live an Ocean Inspired Life

1) Spread Positive Energy

Natalie Foote - Bernadette Foote

One smile can make a million! A few positive words can make someone’s not so good day, a great one. The observation of a kind act towards another or towards our planet can create a domino effect of good. It’s contagious, just like the energy of the sea!

I have also learned that by that spreading this positive energy onto others, even in the littlest of ways, that you can keep that energy flowing. Say hello, and give a compliment to someone on the street. Pick up any trash you may see throughout the day. Chances are people are observing and following suit.

2) Keep Moving Forward

Natalie Foote Paddling

The ocean’s tides and currents are constantly changing, shifting, but always moving forward. Like the ocean, I choose to live my life in perpetual motion, physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually.

Lately a popular expression has been “You only live once”, but I like to say “You live every single day”. Each day presents an opportunity to start from scratch, to learn, and to grow. As humans, we have the power to change our perspectives, and it is up to us to choose how we perceive things.

Everyday has a lesson to teach us if we keep our minds and hearts open. Whether we are summiting a mountain to swim across a bay or paddle across a body of ocean in a physical endeavor, or we are learning the virtue of patience and persistence of another sort, the only way to go is forward.

Even when the ocean is rough or there is a storm on the horizon, keep moving forward, every storm has a calm. When you get into a rough situation, remember that the teacher is in the room, and with the right perspective, it can present a valuable opportunity. Learn from it, grow, and continue on in your journey.

Everything is impermanent, but lessons learned you can keep with you as you go. Keep a clear vision of who you want to be and the goals you wish to accomplish, then, like the ocean, move forward till you reach the coming shore.


3) Be Active 

Natalie Foote Catalina Island

The strength that the ocean possesses is like nothing else. The ocean reminds me that as an athlete it is important to be strong in mind, body, and soul. Through all my adventures and athletic endeavors while living on an island with no gym, I have found that the tools needed for optimal balance in strength, endurance, flexibility and mental fitness are provided for us in a combination of things found in nature and within ourselves.

When you combine your own self-motivation with natures gym, you can have some of the best, and most fun workouts ever. Movement, adventures, and play become more of a lifestyle then just exercise or what you do to “train”.

In fact, I never have been one to train. I am just active daily, and this allows me to partake in many athletic endeavors. For example, some days I will carry my paddle board to the beach, paddle a few miles down the coast to a soft sand beach, do a few running sprints, climb some rocks, throw some rocks, or run with rocks underwater.

I am able to get a great workout all while enjoying and using the nature around me. Other days, I'll bike to the west end of the island and then hike wherever my feet and heart choose to take me. Other days I rest, or practice yoga and being mindful through meditation. There are many days I just walk. As long as I am listening to my body and intuition, I find that I am able to keep a balance and maintain optimal and functional strength.


4) Get in the Ocean (Lake/River/Stream)

Natalie Foote Paddling

One of my favorite things about spending time in the ocean is the amazing energy it leaves me with! Even just a quick dip in the water is sure to always give me the wakeup that I need and bring a positive perspective to my day.

When I would train for triathlons, I loved the fact that the swim was first because I felt as though I could absorb some of the oceans strength and power as I propelled myself forward through it. Upon exiting the swim, I was always stoked and ready to go for the run and bike segments ahead.

I have found that I often perform better if I spend some time in the ocean before taking to other activities. I always feel more alert and more alive! No matter what endeavors the day may bring, if I ever need a place to realign my perspective, and recharge me internal battery, I just go to the ocean. Even just to observe it from the shore brings a feeling of contentment. 


5) Love All That You Embrace

Natalie Foote 10

Nurture the things precious to you, just as the ocean nurtures and provides for all that inhabits it. The ocean is home to millions and millions of living things, providing for there every need.

It is important to know what is important to you and what brings you true happiness. Embrace those things whatever they may be. Decide what your priorities are, family, friends, your passions, your desires, your purpose.

Treasure your experiences with the people and the places that take you further in your journey, and trim away the unnecessary things that keep you from being true to yourself. You’ll discover that life is the grandest adventure of all and that the greatest exploration happens within.

Know who you are, and strive to be the best version of yourself! Take good care of yourself. In turn, you are better able to serve the world with love, kindness, and a happy heart everyday.

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