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Article: What Should I Look For In An Ocean Friendly Surf Clothing Line?

What Should I Look For In An Ocean Friendly Surf Clothing Line? - PURAKAI

What Should I Look For In An Ocean Friendly Surf Clothing Line?

"Surfer Style" lies deeper than just your clothing. True surfer style is seen in how you live and perceive the world around you. And it's not just what clothes, but how and where about the clothes. 

Surf Clothing embodies more than just a style of wear, but a lifestyle of protecting & loving the ocean. If you want to emulate this "style" follow these 3 simple tips.

#1 | Classic Styles

The cuts and styles of a surf clothing line bring you an endless summer appeal and are guaranteed to get you stoked for a good time. Ride the waves and be ready to carry your swag outside the swell with your classic and stylish surf clothing.


#2 | Cool Colors

Influenced by the ocean and the creatures within it, surfers opt for colors and patterns that resonate with their lifestyle. Blues & Greens are prominent! You'll also find patterns, like waves or schooling fish, all over what companies call "surf clothing lines". Nothing is hotter than a mix of sun-kissed glow, beach hair and beach style. It's casual and all about being undone. 



#3 | Sustainable Fabrics

The key factors to keep in mind when staying sustainable are (1) where a product is made, (2) how to care for the product, and (3) what the product is made from. Shopping "Ocean Friendly" Surf Clothing continues to promote a lifestyle of clean oceans, less pollution and more awareness! 

By making mindful decisions about what you buy, you begin to make a difference for the ocean, the people around us and the creature who live here, which is the epitome of surf style. Find out what to look for, and head over to and shop our sustainable threads


By committing yourself to the surf style you begin to embody the surf lifestyle. "Perfect surf is not the only thing that draws you to the beach. You understand that it is the experience that keeps you alive and vital. The drive to the beach, the shock of cold water, the smell of sunscreen, and the meaningless conversation in the lineup all collectively make up the experience." 

Switch To Sustainable!

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