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Article: Three Style Inspirations for Your Purakai Hemp Dress

Three Style Inspirations for Your Purakai Hemp Dress - PURAKAI

Three Style Inspirations for Your Purakai Hemp Dress

When it comes to sustainable fashion, it’s sometimes difficult to find clothing items that we can wear in many different ways. That’s why the Purakai Hemp Dress is so amazing! The California Made dress is 60% soft hemp and 40% California grown cotton. The Hemp Dresscomes in white or black and is dyed with low-impact dyes. This means that less water is required and that it does not contain heavy metals or chemical mordants that are found in most conventional dyes. The loose fit and classic scoop of the dress allows for it to be worn for any occasion and flatters anyone's body type. To show you just how versatile the Purakai Hemp Dress is, I’ve styled three very different looks for you; the beach babe, the bohemian goddess, and the CEO.

The Beach Babe

Don’t be afraid to mix up your colors! You can see here I’m wearing a brown felt sun hat with a feather band and tan wedges with the black PuraKai Hemp Dress. I’ve accessorized the look with some beachy jewelry. You can see me rocking my coral Pura Vida Bracelets silver Anchor Wrap Bracelet, a simple silver bangle, my Michael Kors watch and a beaded and abalone necklace. You can also opt for a simple necklace and go with a long chained silver word charm. Either look contributes to your beach girl, laid back vibe! You can even go more laid back by pairing it with some flat sandals over your bikini.

brown felt green pacha hat with black purakai hemp dress

the beach babe look with purakai hemp dress purakai black hemp dress paired with heels

classy casual look with purakai black hemp dress

michael khors watch paired with purakai black hemp dress

The Bohemian Goddess

Similar to the beach babe, this look is all about your accessories. Starting from the bottom, I’m wearing black-studded ankle boots and a floral chiffon, floor-length kimono which gives your Hemp Dress the boho feel. I compliment this look with a red bangle , a flat-braided Pura Vida Bracelet and a red statement necklace.

floral kimono paired with black purakai hemp dress

casual black purakai hemp dress

the bohemian look with black purakai hemp dress

relax fitted purakai black hemp dress

black studded boots paired with black purakai hemp dress


The business look is a tough one to make your own. Personally, I’d rather express my fashion sense in my business wear than just wear the traditional suit or button up shirt. It’s easy to do this with the Purakai Hemp Dress. All you need is a chic blazer. I chose to go with a purple corduroy blazer and paired it with a strand of pearls and black pumps. However, any color or style blazer would work because you’re pairing it with a simple black dress. You can even opt for a black or neutral shade blazer and pair it with a bright pair of heels. The choice is yours! This article was written by fashion stylist, Bianca Kofman of Just Ask B. Visit her website for more tips, trends and daily happenings in the fashion world. Follow B on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

executive look with purakai hemp dress

purakai business casual hemp dress

images/pearls paired with black hemp dress

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