2 Ways to Wear the Purakai Men's Contrast Pocket Tee

2 Ways to Wear the Purakai Men's Contrast Pocket Tee

Posted by Amandeep Grover on Mon , Jul 14, 2014

purakai mens contrast pocket tee

The PuraKai Men’s Contrast Pocket Tee is the perfect men’s tee for any occasion. The contrasting pocket provides a stylized addition for the classic t-shirt look giving your outfit a unique feel. Additionally, because the pocket is just a different shade of the t-shirt color, it is not too drastic of a difference and allows you to style this shirt many different ways. With this pocket tee you have the option to stay as simple or go as bold as you’d like. 

The Purakai Men’s contract pocket tee fits perfectly without stretching or loosing it’s form after washing. Coming in two colors, black and blue, It’s made from 100% organic cotton and low-impact dyes which gives it an ultra soft feel. 

Need some advice on how best to style the pocket tee? Let me help you out with a few ideas!

styling the purakai men%27s contrast pocket tee

How to Style the Pocket Tee for a Business Casual look?

The contract pocket tee is perfect for layering. Pair the tee with fitted sweater or blazer. This adds a dressier, more put-together feel to the tee. Compliment the sweater with a nice pair of jeans or corduroy pants and your favorite pair of boots or high-top brogues. Don’t forget your accessories! A classic pair of shades and a timeless watch can do wonders to dress up your style. This business casual outfit is perfect for a casual day at the office, a day-date or meeting the in-laws! 

purakai mens contrast pocket tee paired with bulky sweater

mens contrast pocket tee styled

purakai mens contrast pocket tee styling

How to Style the Pocket Tee for a Day in a Beach City?

In true Purakai fashion, the contract pocket tee is the perfect attire for a day at the beach and exploring the the beach city. With it’s light and soft qualities, the pocket tee will allow you to keep cool during a hot day and still look stylish. Pair the pocket tee with a your favorite canvas shorts and sandals for the ultimate beach vibe. Accessorize with sunglasses and a waterproof watch, just in case you want to jump in the water. You’ve now mastered the perfect beach look. 

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