Purakai Style Picks Of The Week | How To Beat The Heat

Purakai Style Picks Of The Week | How To Beat The Heat

Posted by Amandeep Grover on Wed , Sep 17, 2014

Down here in sunny San Diego, we're experiencing temperatures that we're not typically used to. It might be September, but it still feels like we're in Summer. We are here to help you in choosing the best outfit to beat the heat!


Step 1: Wearing Light Colors

Wearing lighter colors will allow you to stay cooler than if your were wearing darker colors. This is becuase darker colors absorb the light/heat making you hotter while the lighter colors will reflect it and have a slower absorption rate than the darker ones. 

Step 2: Choosing Organic vs. Synthetic

"If our clothes are made from synthetic materials that contain harmful dies or flame retardants, then we absorb and inhale those chemicals day in, day out. If our clothing is made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, hemp and wool, those risks are non-existent. You’ll find that these fibers are also the most breathable and most comfortable. Additionally, we can choose materials that are produced organically to avoid having residual pesticides and herbicides in contact with our bodies." (Kate Murray)

Step 3: Choosing the right fit

Wearing loose fitting clothing is key to beating the heat! By wearing clothing wearing clothing that is too tight can make your body overheat, that's why it's important to wear looser items when it's really hot outside in order to regular the body temperature!


The verdict is....

Guys, we recommend our short sleeve crew in gray, white or aqua. Pair it with some board shorts and you're ready to go! And girls, our favorite right now is the easy tank top in gray. It's loose fit allows for room to breathe, while the cut still shows of that beautiful figure of yours. It's flattering and functional!






Photography + Styling | B Rose

Models | Stewart Ray + Denae Dodge

Locations | Point Loma + Bird's Surf Shed

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