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Article: How To Wear Your Surf Style When Not At The Beach | for men

How To Wear Your Surf Style When Not At The Beach | for men - PURAKAI

How To Wear Your Surf Style When Not At The Beach | for men

When we think surf fashion, the obvious thought is of the beach. However, you can carry your surfer style into other aspects of your life without losing the beach-bum qualities that make your look. 

The idea is to be casual and effortless in your fashion sense. I like to call it "Comfy-Chic". A few tips and tricks in nailing this style are:

Surfer Style Purakai

  1. Layering is key. The idea is that we can put on a few items once we're done surfing and take off a few pieces when we're ready to jump back in.
  2. Matching Unconventially. It's ok to pull in more then a couple colors and shades into your outfits while keeping the same undertones throughout. For instance, you can grab a blue and purple flannel, charcoal shirt, burnt gray pants and galaxy print socks with blue slip-ons and still look pulled together. 
  3. Rolled pants appear casual and fun.
  4. Print and flashy socks are a go-to for surfers when not barefoot or in the everyday sandals. 
  5. Accessorize your look with some sleek shades and you're ready to go!
Men%27s Surf Style Purakai (2)
Men%27s Surf Style Purakai (7)
Now that you have a few tricks in surf-style. It's time to grab your eco-surf men's clothing from Purakai!
Photographer: Anthony Baca of B Rose
Model: Stewart Ray
Location: Bird's Surf Shed

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