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Our PuraKai Fabrics

Organic Cotton (GOTS-Certified) - India

Sourced from the fields of India, our organic cotton is grown with meticulous care and unwavering respect for the environment. Its GOTS certification guarantees:

Purity: Each fiber is free from harmful pesticides and fertilizers, ensuring a gentle touch against your skin.

Sustainability: Cultivated with water-saving practices and natural methods to protect the Earth's resources.

Ethical Production: GOTS standards ensure fair working conditions and support for local farming communities.

Feel this difference in every garment crafted from our organic cotton. Experience unmatched softness, breathability, and the peace of mind with conscious choices.

Texas-Grown Organic Cotton (Partnering with the Texas Organic Cotton Coop)

We're proud to partner with the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative, pioneers in sustainable cotton production. This upland organic cotton is grown right here in the USA, supporting local farmers and minimizing our environmental footprint.

Resilience: Texas-grown upland organic cotton is renowned for its strength and durability, ensuring your garments last longer.

Soft & Breathable: Naturally soft and breathable, providing exceptional comfort all day long.

Community Impact: Your purchase directly supports American farmers dedicated to responsible, organic practices.

Experience the quality and integrity of Texas-grown organic cotton in our collection.

Performance Organic Cotton Blend (87% Organic Cotton, 13% Spandex)

Activewear should be both mindful and functional. This meticulously crafted blend combines the softness and sustainability of GOTS-certified organic cotton with a minimal touch of spandex for essential stretch and shape retention.

Movement-Ready: Enjoy full range of motion without feeling restricted, ideal for yoga, workouts, and everyday comfort.

Breathable Comfort: Organic cotton allows your skin to breathe, while the minimal spandex ensures a supportive, stay-in-place fit.

Consciously Crafted: Prioritizing earth-friendly materials and practices for clothing that feels as good as it performs.

Experience the perfect balance of performance and sustainability in our activewear collection.

Hemp & Cotton Blend (70% Cotton, 30% Hemp)

Crafted from a harmonious blend of organic cotton and naturally strong hemp, this fabric offers superior softness and enduring quality.

Silky Softness: The organic cotton brings a luxuriously soft touch to your skin.

Enhanced Durability: Hemp fibers ensure your garment lasts longer, minimizing wear and tear.

Sustainable Blend: A conscious choice, combining the eco-conscious benefits of both cotton and hemp.

Experience the combined virtues of nature in this thoughtfully crafted fabric.