The Launch of PuraKai - Albatross, Plastic and Nohona Pono


Where is the dirtiest beach in the world? A third world country? A beach close to an industrial area? It certainly couldn't be a pristine uninhabited beach far away from civilization, or could it. After watching these two videos it's clear we're facing challenging times ahead due to the throw away culture we've created over the past 60 years. I've certainly taken a lot for granted, I haven't given much back, but it's time to find my Nohona Pono and use it for the remaining time I have on earth.  

Pono means the right result of your actions bringing harmony within yourself, family, friends, and community. Nohona is a word that represents how you communicate and relate to others. The Hawaiians took Pono seriously. The way a person would live his or her life had a ripple effect on everything, not only their society, but also on their environment. 

The word Aloha represents this, traditionally this word was not said as a greeting but was felt when meeting and acknowledging each other face to face. The first part of the word Aloha is, Alo – which means to be in the presence of something.  And the ending of the word is, Ha, which means the breath of life.  In the presence of the breath of life. It’s an understanding that all things living should have the same recognition of importance and respect. 

Before nylon and other man-made cord was invented, olonā was was one of the strongest fibers known to man. This fiber, when woven together, and lashed in a certain way, kept building structures and canoe parts securely in place. The Olonā binding is like Aloha. In order for any relationship and communication to be secure and healthy, having respect for the way you speak, act, listen, and feel will keep the nohona pono.

If the Hawaiians are right, and the way a person would live his or her life has a ripple effect on everything, not only society, but also on the environment, if all things living should have the same recognition of importance and respect. Why not embrace that spirit and take action?

Well today is a day to take action and embrace that spirit, PuraKai means Pure Ocean. The word Pura coming from the Spanish word for Pure, and the word Kai coming from the Hawaiian word for Ocean. The goal? To make Responsible Threads - With a Mission to sell apparel, and then use some of the profits to help protect and heal our oceans, lakes, rivers and streams.

Maybe someday being able to fund a clean up effort at Kamila Beach, or to help eliminate plastic from our waters and oceans so the Albatross chicks don't leave skeletons full of plastics on Midway Island. It seems uninhabited beaches should be pure, and the all things living on those beaches should have the same recognition of importance and respect as any domesticated dog or cat. A lofty goal? Perhaps, but why not try?

We hope you can embrace and support PuraKai as this journey continues. 

Aloha my friends! May you enjoy a state of Pono.

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