Custom Chaneque Fish - Eco-Board

Customer: Rich

Board: Rich is a teacher in La Jolla and he surfs mostly point breaks in Baja on the weekends and summer. He was looking for a fish that was little bigger and had a little more volume than the 5'10" he had in his quiver. He selected a 6'0" version of the Chaneque Fish.

Blank: Marko EPS Enviro-Blank with 25% Recycled Content    

 Stringer: Bamboo

Resin: Entropy Super Sap Plant Based Bio-Resin     

Glassing Schedule: 4 ounce E-cloth on bottom and double 4 ounce E-cloth on top

Dimensions: 6' x 21 5/8 x 2 1/2   Volume: 37.5  Fin Set-up: FCS Quad 

Sustainable Surf Eco-Board Certification Serial #: 4913



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