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Article: Custom Cave Man - Eco-Board 4910

Custom Cave Man - Eco-Board 4910 - PURAKAI

Custom Cave Man - Eco-Board 4910

Customer: Head Shaper - Jose Sariana

Board: What does PuraKai's Head Shaper Jose Sariana ride? Most mornings you'll find Jose paddling out before work at one of Northern Baja's punchy hollow beach breaks. For this type of surf Jose likes a slightly wider nose and tail than your typical performance board, which is how he came up with the template for The Cave Man

Blank: Marko EPS Enviro-Blank with 25% Recycled Content     Stringer: Bamboo

Resin: Entropy Super Sap Plant Based Bio-Resin     

Top Glassing: 6 ounce and 4 ounce E-cloth Bottom Glassing: 4 ounce E-cloth

Dimensions: 5'9'' x 18 3/4 x 2 5/16   Volume: 26.3 liters  Fin Set-up: FCS Tri-Fin 

Sustainable Surf Eco-Board Certification Serial #: 4910




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