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PuraKai Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board


PuraKai Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board is designed for optimum balance and stability in calm waters. These factors combined make it the perfect board for Yoga practice.

We've designed the SUP yoga board specifically for doing yoga. It has boxy rails, a flat bottom, and is wider, giving it more volume and stability. Whether you're a beginner just trying to practice your downward dog or an experienced yogi doing inverted postures, this eco-friendly yoga board is made for you.

And earth and ocean loving yogi's you'll be happy to know this board is made using bio-based epoxy resin which makes this yoga SUP one of the only in the world earning an Eco-Board certification from Sustainable Surf's Eco-Board Project. 

10' 32" 4 1/2"
11' 33" 4 5/8"
12' 34" 4 3/4"

What makes a PuraKai surfboard an Eco-Board?

  • Every PuraKai Surfboard is made from 25% recycled content EPS foam which is 100% recyclable. If your board breaks we take the foam use it to create a new board.

  • We use only Bio-Based Epoxy resins. This lowers our carbon footprint, but more importantly it protects our workers from being exposed to VOC's, the nasty compounds that cause cancer.

  • Every PuraKai Surfboard is assigned a serial number and verified sustainable by Sustainable Surf as part of their Eco-Board Project.